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Technical Diving Overview

In addition to its reputation as the leading recreational dive centre on the island of Lanzarote, Rubicon Diving has established itself as one of the leading technical diving training centres in Europe. If you are interested in becoming a technical diver or instructor then Rubicon Diving can offer you unparalleled facilities and training expertise.

Why technical diving?

Maybe you don’t remember when you first began to become interested in diving to depths below the recreational limit of 40 metres. You may have been inspired by swimming over a deep drop off or maybe you saw a movie about deep diving. Whatever first inspired you to dive deeper, if you are interested in technical diving, Rubicon Diving offers a complete range of training programmes that teach you to dive safely beyond recreational scuba diving limits. All our courses are certified by the world’s leading technical diving organisations including ANDI and PADI.

What is technical diving?

Technical diving means diving deeper than 40 metres and then ascending using staged decompression. Technical diving also includes diving in overhead environments beyond 40 metres. As part of your technical diving training you may also learn to accelerate decompression by using different gas mixes such as trimix, enriched air or oxygen.

Technical diving is not for everyone as it has high physical demands and requires complex and extensive training. However, if you are ready for a new challenge, here at Rubicon Diving we have the staff, the facilities and the experience to train you as a safe, confident and disciplined technical diver.


Rubicon Diving is an ANDI approved Dive Centre for technical dive training on both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit rebreather systems. For more information ANDI's technical dive training with Rubicon Diving: Click here


Rubicon Diving is a DSAT/PADI approved Dive Centre for technical dive training. For more information on DSAT/PADI technical dive training with Rubicon Diving: Click here

Are you already qualified as a technical diver?

If you are already qualified as a technical diver then Rubicon Diving can tailor diving packages to suit your needs using our own boats, dive guides and logistical support. We blend our own Trimix and Nitrox using our on-site membrane gas blending station and compressors. Our dive boats are modern and stocked with all the necessary safety equipment needed for technical diving.