Technical Diving

In addition to its reputation as the premier recreational dive centre on the island of Lanzarote, Rubicon Diving is recognised as one of the leading technical diving training centres in Europe with courses accredited by three of the world’s leading technical dive training agencies TDI, SSI and ANDI. If you are interested in becoming a technical diver or technical dive instructor, Rubicon Diving offers unparalleled facilities and training programmes that teach you to dive safely beyond recreational scuba diving limits. We offer technical dive courses covering open circuit, sidemount and closed circuit rebreather diving. At Rubicon Diving you can also train to become a technical dive instructor by following one of SSI’s Extended Range Professional courses. For more information on the type of technical dive training that you are interested in click on the relevant tab below.

Technical Diving – Open Circuit

Technical Diving – Sidemount

Technical Diving – Rebreather (CCR)

Technical Dive Instructor