SSI’s Mission Deep Blue

Rubicon Diving supports SSI New Ecology Program – Mission Deep Blue

Lack of education, training, carelessness, and negligence by people can cause great damage to the oceans. With the free Mission Deep Blue program, SSI educates beginners and advanced divers about the importance of protecting the oceans and how everyone can make an impact to this cause in their daily lives.

“Each of us must start with ourselves to make a difference. As divers, we can be role models and pass along our commitment to others. We must open the eyes of our families, friends, and acquaintances and encourage them to become Marine Ambassadors. Education and training are the first steps

How to become a responsible diver:

  • Support useful projects and organizations dedicated to marine protection
  • If possible, cut hanging ropes and collect floating nets and plastics
  • Never throw inorganic waste into the sea – Plastics decompose incredibly slowly
  • Minimize the production of garbage: Use reusable coffee mugs and lunch boxes, glass or metal bottles and shopping bags
  • Don’t feed animals
  • Don’t take souvenirs from the sea – broken coral pieces or empty snail shells still serve as useful habitat
  • Do not disturb animals or habitat to improve your photo opportunity