Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR)

For many technical divers closed circuit rebreathers (CCR) are the preferred way to dive when it comes to technical diving. Whilst rebreathers have been around for many years at the deeper end of technical diving, they are now becoming increasingly popular with the rest of the diving community. Rebreathers are now widely used in recreational diving as well as in cave and wreck diving.

There are many advantages to closed circuit diving. One of the most important is that, because the air you breathe is recirculated and scrubbed of CO2, your air supply lasts much longer than in open circuit technical diving. This is a very important consideration when diving deeper than 50 to 60 metres. Secondly, the cost of helium means diving trimix on open circuit can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason many technical divers now use rebreathers.

At Rubicon Diving we can supply a full range of rebreathers for sale (see below). All rebreather units have their own specific design, construction and operation and it is important that you buy the unit that best suits your needs. For this reason units cannot be sold to divers that are not trained on the specific unit being purchased. At Rubicon Diving we can provide rebreather training on all of the rebreathers that we supply (click here for more information).

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