Technical Diving – Open Circuit

Open circuit technical diving is where technical diving begins. The most significant difference between recreational and technical diving is that you plan to dive deeper and for longer. As you do this so the volume of gas that you require will increase and so will the mix and type of gases that you will need. Open circuit technical diving will require you to be able to plan a dive to a specific depth and for a specific bottom time. As part of this planning you will be required to plan the optimal gas mixes required, your run time and decompression commitments.

There are also important in-water skills that you will need to learn including gas switching, buoyancy control, use of an SMB and rescue procedures. Open circuit technical dive training is progressive with increasing depths, tank configurations, gas mixes and maximum decompression times. Our training courses range from 40 metres with limited decompression to 100 metres with unlimited decompression. For information on the course that you are interested in click on the relevant SSI badge below.

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