Technical Sidemount Diving

Sidemount Diving has been popular with wreck and cave divers for many years. Sidemount diving gives them more flexibility and manoeuverability especially in the tight spaces that can be found in wrecks and caves. Increasingly, more and more technical divers are being attracted to the benefits of sidemount diving.

If you are a technical diver and are interested in exploring deeper wrecks or caves then technical sidemount diving may be exactly what you are looking for. Whilst sidemount diving may be thought of as a variation on open circuit technical diving it is important to recognise that there are techniques, procedures and equipments that are specific to sidemount diving. You cannot just switch between from one type of technical diving to the other without learning the specific skills that relate to sidemount diving.

Rubicon Diving’s technical sidemount courses are certified by ANDI Europe. ANDI is one of the world’s leading technical diving organisations. Established in 1988 by Ed Betts and Dick Rutkowski, American Nitrox Divers International was set up to standardize instructor and sport diver training and refill station dispensing procedures for EAN diving. From these beginnings grew a specialisation in technical diving. Rubicon Diving is the European headquarters of Andi Europe and is pleased to offer sidemount technical diving as part of its suite of technical dive training courses. For more information about ANDI’s complete range of technical sidemount courses click here.

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