ANDI – Technical Diving Courses

ANDI was founded in America in 1988 by Ed Betts and Dick Rutkowski with a mission to standardize Instructor Training, Sport Diver Training, and refill station dispensing procedures for Enriched Air Nitrox diving. Many of the standards and procedures that were developed by ANDI are now standard practices in the diving industry today. These innovations include the First instructor teaching manual for Enriched Air Nitrox diving, the first manufacturer-endorsed equipment standards and the first breathing gas purity standards for gases other than air. 

ANDI has developed a multifaceted training system with comprehensive programs. These include recreational programs, Technical and Exploration programs, Rebreather training for SCR and CCR systems, Wreck and Cave diving programs, specialty focused training and a full range of technician and instructor programs. ANDI’s growth throughout the world is due to its commitment to quality education, quality training materials and the highest operational standards. 

At Rubicon Diving we can provide the whole range of ANDI’s technical dive courses on Open Circuit (backmount and sidemount) and closed circuit rebreather. For information on the ANDI course(s) that you are interested in click on the relevant banner below. Alternatively contact us directly at