What you can see

Lanzarote’s underwater volcanic landscape is home to a wide diversity of marine life. This means that in addition to enjoying the fascinating landscape of the volcanic reefs you will also see many different types of fish and marine animals. Because Playa Blanca is a marine reserve and commercial fishing is forbidden, diving here is one of the highlights of Lanzarote. You will see more marine life in Playa Blanca than anywhere else on the island.

What you can expect to see ranges from the small macro life such as nudibranches, flamalina and seahorses to much larger fish such as Angel sharks, grouper, sting rays , butterfly rays and electric rays.  Large schools of fish such as Barracuda and Bream are also common. It is also worth looking amongst the rocky outcrops where we often find  octopus and Moray eels.  In Puerto del Carmen there are a number of small wrecks that can also be dived. To see a video of one of our wreck dives click here.

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