The ANDI L3 Decompression Sidemount course is your introduction to technical sidemount diving. The key progression here is the introduction of decompression stops into the dive profile. With the introduction of decompression, dive planning, gas management and handling become increasingly important. As well as understanding how to manage your buoyancy you will also be required to put up an SMB as part of the decompression procedure.

The course consists of 6 open water dives. These dives will gradually introduce greater task loading and greater depths. The maximum certification depth is 40 metres using 2 cylinders and just one gas. As part of the course limited decompression will be introduced to a maximum decompression time of 15 minutes. The gas used on the course may be Enriched Air Nitrox so the relevant qualification is one of the course prerequisites.

  • The ANDI L3 Decompression Sidemount course costs 850€ and consists of 6 open water dives. The course can be completed in 2 to 3 days and is open to level 2 sidemount divers with at least 30 logged dives on sidemount.
Reserve your course with a deposit (25% of the course cost) and you will receive a free Rubicon Diving T shirt.