The Papagayo dive site is an extension of the Coloradas Reef at the eastern end of this long reef. The feel of this dive is quite different from that of the main coloradas reef. Whilst the main part of the reef is quite a busy area that is well frequented by divers, the eastern end of the reef is much quieter and serene. There are some quite noticeable features on this site. One in particular is the large cleft in the reef which has left a large gap through which it is possible to dive between the two parts of the reef.

This dive site is also home to a range of marine life. One thing that it is possible to see here that is not always found elswhere is the Canarian rock lobster. These unusual creatures can often be found hanging upside down from the reef ceiling where they are sheltered from potential predators. Also common here are stingrays sleeping or resting under the reef ledges and Barracuda and Bream often found on the top of the reef.

This is a dive that in the right conditions can be combined with the main Coloradas dive to create an excellent drift dive along much of the length of the reef. If you have never tried a drift dive this is a good one to practice on as you are always in site of the reef on your left or right shoulder depending upon the direction of the drift and current.