This wreck dive is located just a few minutes boat ride out of Arrecife Harbour. The wreck is that of an old Moroccan fishing vessel that was deliberately sunk off the coast of Lanzarote. Many fishing vessels were abandoned in this way but most in deeper waters. The remains of the boat lie in open water starting at a depth of 18 metres at its shallowest point down to around 35 metres on the seabed. With these depths this dive is best suited to advanced divers using nitrox in order to maximise bottom time.

The descent line is fixed to the wheelhouse and from this point it is possible to circle the wreck which is around 30 metres in length. Limited penetration into the cargo area is possible but take care to avoid the exposed rusty metal and sea anemones that adorn the sides of the vessel. The wreck is home to large schools of Barracuda and rays can also be found around the wreck. Be sure to keep an eye on the current that can impact this area when the tides are running.