The ANDI Rebreather Diver level 1 course is your introduction to the wonderful world of rebreather diving and is the first step in becoming a qualified rebreather diver. The level one course covers both the theory and practice of rebreather diving. To begin with it is important that you understand how diving a closed circuit rebreather differs from normal recreational open circuit diving.

In the course you will learn to how assemble, disassemble and clean your rebreather unit. Whilst all rebreathers are similar they all differ slightly in how they are assembled and how they operate. For this reason your instruction and certification is unit specific. At Rubicon Diving we teach rebreather diving on a range of different units and we can advise you on which unit might best suit you.

  • The L1 course costs €1200 and consists of six open water dives taking you to a maximum depth of 18 metres. The course can be completed in 4 to 5 days. The course cost includes unit hire, sofnolime, all gases and instruction.
Reserve your course with a deposit (25% of the course cost) and you will receive a free Rubicon Diving T shirt.