The ANDI Rebreather Diver level 2 course is your next step in becoming a fully qualified rebreather diver. the main progression within this course is that you will now dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres. Over the duration of the course your dives will become progressively deeper as you become more and more accustomed to your unit.

As well as teaching you to dive deeper on the rebreather you will also learn the importance of buoyancy control, self rescue and diving with a buddy certified to the same level as yourself. You will learn how to carry out simple but important tasks whilst maintaining a constant depth and trim. These are important skills that you need to master if you are to progress further and become a technical rebreather diver.

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  • The course consists of eight open water dives taking you to a maximum training depth of 30 metres (certification depth 40 metres). The course can be completed in 5 days. The course costs 1500€ and includes, sofnolime, all gases, instruction and certification.
Reserve your course with a deposit (25% of the course cost) and you will receive a free Rubicon Diving T shirt.