If you have completed either the SSI Recreational Sidemount specialisation (or equivalent) and have decided that sidemount diving is definitely for you, then the ANDI level 2 course is the next logical step for you. This course is one step up from a beginners course and introduces more techniques and equipment handling.

The course consists of 6 open water dives. These dives will gradually introduce greater task loading and greater depths. The maximum certification depth is 40 metres using 2 cylinders and just one gas. The gas used may be Enriched Air Nitrox so the relevant qualification is one of the course prerequisites.

  • The ANDI L2 Advanced Sidemount course costs 550€ and consists of 6 open water dives. The course can be completed in 2 to 3 days and is open to any advanced open water diver holding the SSI Recreational Sidemount Diver certification.
Reserve your course with a deposit (25% of the course cost) and you will receive a free Rubicon Diving T shirt.