Rubicon Diving | SSI Master Diver

Becoming an SSI Master Diver is the high point of your recreational diving education. To become a master diver you require a combination of experience, skills, knowledge and the ability to help your fellow divers.

Experience comes from the fact that you must have a minimum of 50 logged dives to qualify as a master diver.

The dive skills and knowledge required are obtained by completing five different SSI speciality programmes.

The ability to help your fellow divers is shown by the fact that one of the five specialities completed must be the SSI Diver Stress and Rescue programme.

Dive specialities vary in price dependent upon the number of open water dives required. Most specialities consist of 2 dives. For more information on specific specialities click on the relevant SSI speciality badge.

A 2 dive speciality costs €225, a 3 dive speciality €275, a 4 dive speciality €300.

The Photo and Video 2 dive speciality costs €250

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