The ANDI Normoxic Trimix Rebreather Diver level 4 course is the last stage before becoming an explorer rebreather diver. The main progressions within this course are that you now dive to a maximum depth of 60 metres but, with unlimited decompression time. Diving to the increased depth of 60 metres you will now use normoxic trimix as your diluent gas and carry trimix as a bail out gas. The unlimited decompression time in this course allows for more exploration time in uncharted areas where you might want to dive

Within the course you will learn how to plan your dives to include decompression stops. You will also learn to plan your bail out gases should there be any problem with your unit. Your dives will gradually increase in depth and duration as you progress through the course.

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  • The course consists of six open water dives taking you to a maximum depth of 60 metres. The course can be completed in 5 days. The course costs 1750€ and includes, sofnolime and all gases.
Reserve your course with a deposit (25% of the course cost) and you will receive a free Rubicon Diving T shirt.